Monthly Archives: April 2012

A New Adventure…


Greetings to all.  Today is Sunday, April 1st, 2012 and it is currently 2:48 a.m. in San Francisco.  Today is my very first day as a blogger.  Yes, I decided to make the leap into this previously unchartered territory.  I have been quite busy putting my online, creative presence together.  I have just recently purchased a domain name:, for my website, as well as, for my blog site.  I am beyond excited….and rather overwhelmed.  There is so much to do and it is quite a learning curve for me.  I am busy learning to navigate the creation process that is required for building web and blog sites…as well as trying to find time to paint regularly.  Time management is something that I struggle with daily.  Let me just say, there is MAJOR room for improvement.  Learning to juggle a life, effectively, is serious business…as I am sure most of you can relate to;).

I am thrilled to be painting again after a five year reprieve (more on that at a later date….it is ‘late’ enough here, right now).  I feel so blessed and grateful to currently be working on two paintings that are commissioned pieces, for a former high school classmate of mine, from Indianapolis.  I am just about finished with both….perhaps a little more tweaking, a few more days and then…and then…we wait….wait for the oil to dry on the canvas before I ship it back east.  I have been updating my client with progressive photos of my (soon to be ‘her’) work along the way.  Thus far, she has expressed only positive feedback in that she doesn’t wish for me to make any changes to the work.  Thank goodness she is not a micromanager.  She has given me complete artistic freedom throughout the entire process.  The only thing that she requested was that the two pieces both be done in burnt umber and titanium white and that they be complimentary with the theme being that of trees.  I hope I do not disappoint her.  These two paintings will be displayed in her new home office.  I feel quite honored to be producing work that she will be proud to display.  She has been a busy mother and grandmother for many years.  This is the very first time she has ever had her very own room, all to herself, in her home.  If anyone deserves to have artwork that she loves, in a space all her very own, it is this client.  I am beyond excited that she chose my artwork to hang.

I am going to say “Goodnight/Good Morning” to those of you who stumble across my site and are reading my brand new blog.  I hope all is peaceful wherever you find yourself right now.

Blessings to you and thank you for taking the time to stop by and read my first post….