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Happy Mother’s Day to all of you mothers out in blog-land.  I hope this Sunday brought you joy and reflections.  Being a mother is THE most important job in the world.  I am blessed with three furry beasts that are my joy….even IF they are not human….they are to me.

I entitled this post “Seasons” because I seem to be in a “season” of my life.  What defines a season?  Without relying on Webster, I would say that a season represents change.  Seasons represent birth.  Seasons represent death.  Seasons allow us sacred moments with which to be reflective.  Reflective on what we are leaving behind and what we are about to embark upon.  Seasons can be bittersweet…but sweet nonetheless.

Today has been such a day for me.  I saw a flower open…one that was closed tightly yesterday evening.  I saw a curious 3 month old puppy.  I witnessed the joy of new life in the form of week-old Yorkshire Terrier puppies suckling their mother’s milk (I need to post a picture of these pups in all their glory).  I admired two of my most recent “works-in-progress”…aptly entitled “Seasons” (a loose variation of one of my previous paintings:  “Doorways”) and “Surreal Trees”.  You can view both paintings….but “Surreal Trees” is a literal interpretation of the change of seasons as I am sure you will agree.  

Today was a beautiful day.  Today was a sad day.  

I spoke with one of my clients who just received her two paintings that I completed, recently, for her.  She received the box yesterday….but she waited until today, Mother’s Day, to open them.  I was thrilled to learn that she LOVES the commissions.  She said, and I quote:  “They are perfect!”  What better compliment could an artist receive?  Rhetorical question of course…..laughing!

As the sun sets over the Pacific Ocean, I am pensive.  I am peaceful….for a moment.  I hope you are too.  If you are not, be patient, your time will come just as mine has.  

Blessings on a Sunday evening from San Francisco….

k  i  m  b  y