Good evening!  Below are several pictures from my newest painting.  It is oil on canvas and the dimensions are 18″ x 14″ inches.  I am pretty much finished with it however I may do a little glazing when it dries more. It is entitled “Emanation.”  I named it this because I was thinking about where we all come from….the source of humanity…which is from the one true light of the universe and for me that is God.  The small pieces in dark colors and various reds surrounding the central light represent pieces of our spirit before we come into this dimension and inhabit an earthly body.  These pieces also represent the subsequent fragmentation that we as humans endure…..the mistakes, the failures, the sadness, the fear, the joy, the happiness, the hopelessness…..basically all that encompasses the ‘making of a life’ while on earth.  The center core of light represents that which we ‘come’ from as well as that which we ultimately ‘return to’ thus the title:  “Emanation.”  I hope you enjoy viewing it.  Have a super rest of your weekend.

Sending you peace from San Francisco….

k  i  m  b  y









About Faires Fine Art

I am an oil painter, a photographer, and a writer who lives in San Francisco, California. I was an emergency RN and Clinical Nurse Specialist for 15 years and have now decided to embark on a new adventure and pursue that which makes me feel alive. My love for animals, nature, the sky, art, San Francisco, and its colorful inhabitants are what sustain me. I am grateful that you have taken the time to visit my blog. Please check out my oil paintings and photography at: www.FairesFineArt.com.

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  1. The first thing that came to mind when I looked at this before reading anything was BOOM! Pretty powerful piece.

    • Thank you so much Rick. Yes, it really is a powerful piece for me. I am so happy that some of that emotion translated to the canvas for you;) It means a lot to me that you read my blog regularly. Hope you are having a great Monday.

  2. Your Welcome Kimby. Your blog has made me want my own so I’m stepping out and giving it a simple shot and we’ll see what the ride will take me.

    Thank You,

    • Oh wow! I am so glad you have been inspired. It is a really unique experience. I cannot tell you what an interesting journey it has been for me thus far! I only started blogging in April so I am definitely still learning. If you need any help with anything related to WordPress blogging, let me know. I have been really happy with WordPress thus far. Keep me posted and let me know when your blog is up and running. I would love to be one of your first followers;)

      • Good for you Rick! I applaud your efforts. I hope you enjoy your blogging experience as much as I am. It is a bit trippy, at first, because you are sharing personal information with the world, potentially. The most important piece of advice I want to share is to determine the goals for your blog in the very beginning. What do you want to accomplish? Why are you blogging? What do you want to share with random strangers? Essentially, you need to determine clear and consistent boundaries. For example, I am a naturally trusting and open individual; however, I decided from the gate that there are things that I do not want to share with the general public and every search engine out there. I stick to that decision….it keeps me and those that I love safe. If you want your blog to get ‘traffic’ make sure you appropriately add ‘tags’ to each one of your blog posts before publishing. If you forget, you can always go back and add them after you have published your content. Anyway, I am stoked for you. I hope it is a great experience and if I can be of any help, hit me up and I will do my best to help you. Hope you are having a great day. It is absolutely gorgeous here in SF….65 degrees and sunny…..just the way I like it! xo

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