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I got nominated for the “Versatile Blogger Award”!!!


I want to say a huge thank you to my fellow blogger extraordinaire, Jenn of “Jiltaroo”! She nominated me for this lovely award and I am thrilled. When you have a moment, take some time to peruse her amazingly inspiring and multifaceted blog at: Talk about versatility, this woman has got it! She is both a writer and an artist and I promise you, her musings will keep you coming back for more…..which leads me to my next task….

I gratefully accept Jiltaroo’s nomination and in turn, I am paying it forward and nominating several other bloggers, whom I adore, for this award: (The Heart of Arts)

***Just a note, this was a really difficult task for me to do. I am easily overwhelmed because my brain is ALL OVER THE BOARD and I am inherently a random personality….AND I had to really consider what facts I wanted to make public since so much of ‘me’ really shouldn’t be let out of her proverbial cage, so to speak…so, here it goes…..oy-vey:

1. I love the silence of my city (San Francisco) deep into the night. This results in me taking long walks with my best friend, my Rat Terrier, Benny Hill. I am convinced that there are FOR SURE two certainly haunted houses in the vicinity of my flat….and my dog thinks so too!

2. I am a crazy multi-tasker. Case-in-point: I just started painting my nails while listening to Madonna’s Hard Candy album but then I hopped up and pulled out some stationary to write thank you notes for my recent birthday gifts and as I was in my office closet I noticed my vintage white mink coat and I thought, “I should Google uses for old mink coats” (perhaps I should have a tailor convert it into cool decorator pillows for my bed…or couch???) but as I was thinking of that I found that the coat smelled just like an old, vintage mink coat so I decided to Febreeze it which turned into Febreeze-ing all of my area rugs which made me start to dust mop my hard wood floors near one of my many bookshelves where I noticed two different books that I had to read the bibliographies to which led me to playing laser tag with two of my three animals…the three legged kitty opted out of this particular game. Oh no….have I said too much, overwhelmed you perhaps? Welcome to my world….now where was I?????

Oh yesss, number 3 random fact: I LOVE rap music and I know all the words to almost all old and new school raps….this includes obscure rappers who have yet to sign to a record label and ‘make-it’.

4. I love fly-fishing and I used to tie my own flies…..they never worked to catch any trout but they were soooo……pretty to look at.

5. I am obsessed with the sky….daytime sky, nighttime sky….it doesn’t matter, I am always looking up. I have seen some trippy, crazy, out of this world types of things….you should try looking up more….you might be blown away. Did I mention that I have a telescope that I use in my bedroom window? I can also see a peek-a-boo shot of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of California from my bedroom…it is amazing!

6. I can write with both my left and right hand….and paint this way too.

7. I used to be addicted to drinking, yes drinking, maple syrup. It is not something I am proud of; however, I am happy to say that I am clean now…..had a few slips…but for the most part clean for the last 3 years.

Ok, that about covers it! Thank you Jenn, so much, for the nomination…..and thanks go out to all of those beautiful blogs that keep me intrigued and interested.

Cheers from San Francisco on a cold and foggy October night….

k i m b y



Happy Saturday to you!   I am having a lovely weekend thanks to my many friends and family.   Yesterday was my birthday and I am overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and birthday sentiments that I received.  I feel so very blessed and grateful for all of the love.  If you are one of those special people, thank you for loving me.  

Below is a painting that I love.  It reminds me of the sea in Mexico…an old memory of days gone by.  It could be anywhere though….anywhere crystalline water meets the horizon.  It was done completely in oil and its dimensions are 24 x 20 inches on stretched canvas.

I hope you find it as serene as I do.  Have a wonderful finish to your weekend and as always, blessings to you and yours.


k  i  m  b  y


“Suspended in Animation”


Excursion to Yosemite National Park, California


“Gift from the Sea”….an October evening at the beach


I have been reading the most amazing little gem of a book….for the 3rd time.  It is so simple yet profound…so full of wisdom and practical advice….and so full of natural beauty.  It was written in 1955 by Anne Morrow Lindbergh, wife of Charles Lindbergh, ‘Father of Flight’ Lindbergh.  It is entitled:  “Gift from the Sea”.

Mrs. Lindbergh was far ahead of her time when she wrote this book.  It is a peaceful book.  It is an enchanting book.  It is also a quiet book.  It is a story of a woman’s time spent at the beach.  A story one reads and then re-reads, as I have done in the past and am doing now.  Each time I do so I find yet another piece of long forgotten wisdom.  I won’t provide any spoilers so you will just have to pick it up and read it for yourself.  My advice, purchase the hardback version…if you are anything like me, it is a book you will find yourself pulling from your  shelves through the years.

Here is a small teaser…a taste:

“Simplification of outward life is not enough.  It is merely the outside.  But I am starting with the outside.  I am looking at the outside of a shell, the outside of my life…the shell.  The complete answer is not to be found on the outside, in an outward mode of living.  This is only a technique, a road to grace.  The final answer, I know, is always inside.  But the outside can give a clue, can help one to find the inside answer.  One is free, like the hermit crab, to change one’s shell.  Channelled whelk, I put you down again, but you have set my mind on a journey, up an inwardly winding spiral staircase of thought.”

Today after work, I felt myself longing for the beach.  My little dog Benny Hill, a sprightly 42 year old (we are the same age currently)….I am talking dog years here folks…. anyway,my furry best friend was longing for an off leash excursion…a chance for him to run free and unencumbered.  His brown eyes pleading, I realized that I too needed to roam free and unrestrained.  Today was a gorgeous, “summer” day in San Francisco.  October is our best month and the weather has been warm and lovely of late.  I needed to capitalize on a fleeting moment and head west to Ocean Beach.  I am so blessed as I can see the ocean from my bedroom window…a peek-a-boo shot of the Pacific Ocean.  It is a quick train or car ride (about 30 blocks) from my flat. One would think I would be inclined to spend more time there however time is a funny thing, isn’t it?

I walked along the shore, feet in the sand, with my dear friend Michelle.  She brought her poodle Glory along as well.  We talked, watched the dogs chase both balls and sandpipers, talked about sanddollars, I shared about my memories spent at Pawley’s Island, South Carolina combing the beach for miles looking for shells with my mother, and we listened to the sounds of the choppy surf luring only the bravest of souls (i.e.:  surfers) to its icy waters.  54 degrees year round makes not for the most pleasurable swimming excursion….unless you are wearing a thick Neoprine wet suit that is.

It was lovely.  Even though the surf was rough and the wind was strong, it was calming to my soul.  I am grateful.  I feel peaceful this evening.  Thank you Mr. Sea and thank you Michelle.  I hope you enjoy some of my photos AND your evening (or day) wherever you may find yourself in this big world.

With warmth,

k  i  m  b  y

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Blue Danube….the thing is….


The thing is,

to love life, to love it even 

when you have no stomach for it

and everything you’ve held dear

crumbles like burnt paper in your hands,

your throat filled with the silt of it.

When grief sits with you, its tropical heat 

thickening the air, heavy as water

more fit for gills than lungs;

when grief weights you like your own flesh,

only more of it, an obesity of grief,

you think, How can a body withstand this?

Then you hold life like a face

between your palms, a plain face…

no charming smile, no violet eyes;

and you say, yes, I will take you,

I will love you…..again.

-Ellen Bass