Excursion to Yosemite National Park, California


Hello blog world.  These are some of my favorite pictures from my Yosemite excursion two weeks ago.  It is an absolutely amazing national park and after living in California for 15 years, I FINALLY made the trip to see it in all of its glory…a long overdue trip.  The scale of the park is immense at over 1200 square miles, we only tapped into some of its magnificence, spending the bulk of our time in the Yosemite Valley Floor.  I am so grateful and blessed that I was given the opportunity to do so.  It was remarkable and my pictures, ANY picture (even John Muir’s famous pictures), doesn’t do it justice.  The sheer magnitude of the immense granite cliffs are mind-boggling.  To think that expert climbers come from all over the world to scale its 3,000 foot sheer cliffs is beyond belief.  You could not pay me enough money to do so. We were told that during October we would not be able to see any waterfalls; however, as you will see from some of my photos, this was simply not the case.  I can only imagine how much more glorious and powerful these waterfalls would look during the spring runoff….and lest we not forget the gorgeous wildflowers that can be seen during the spring months. The highlight of my trip was seeing an approximately 400 pound brown bear roaming along the Merced River while we were driving on the outskirts of the park.  I spotted it and we immediately pulled over to watch him…or her.  The bear immediately smelled us and stopped to sniff and observe the lucky few of us who pulled over to the side of the road.  The bear proceeded to walk along the river’s edge.  Suddenly I said, “That bear is going to swim across the river towards us.”  As soon as saying this, he did exactly that.  Everyone got into their car and off, except us.  We stayed (within the locked confines of our vehicle) and watched as the bear swam and then climbed the banks promptly climbing into a nearby tree only to frighten and amaze us.  He simply started munching on branches and leaves and just watched us.  It was amazing to say the very least. I hope you are enjoying your weekend.  Take good care of each other and the earth. Love, k  i  m  b  y

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    • You are most welcome Mr. Ricky D! It was truly magnificent indeed. I cannot wait to go back. It is huge and I only saw MAYBE 4-5% of the park. At over 1200 square miles there is much to do. You couldn’t see it all if you spent a month there. Truly amazing. Hope you are well sweet thang:)

  1. Beautiful photos, espeically liked the clouds, manzanita and of course the bear. Two years ago I saw many bears in Yosemite, but not one since then. 🙂

    • Oh I am so happy that you enjoyed my photos. It is truly a magical place. You saw many bears? That is crazy. I can only imagine how amazing that must have been. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Keep coming back:)

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