“Suspended in Animation”


Good evening my friends.  Thank you for visiting my blog.  I sincerely appreciate your support and dedication to my efforts, be it your first or 20th time visiting my little corner of the world.

The pictures that follow are of a new painting that I have been working on (or rather ‘tweeking’ on) for a couple of weeks.  I am really not sure where this piece is going but I was initially inspired by the color palette of blues and emerald greens and yellows.  I saw a Rothko that embodied some variations of these colors and I have been in a very linear mood of late.

This painting initially was described as appearing to look like a squid by one of my dearest friends.  I laughed at first because I thought it looked like kelp.  I am on the fence as to what I will title this one but the words “Kelp Me” did come to mind.  It also looks like mountains and sky at this early stage.  Above all, I think that the “Suspended in Animation” title embodies not only the way the greens and blues are appearing to be floating above a bed of pink; but, it more accurately describes how I am currently feeling in regard to my current station in life…..artistically, professionally, and emotionally.  This is why, thus far, this title seems to ‘fit’ the scene.

As some of you may know, I prefer to paint in the framework classification of abstract expressionism.  Somehow, painting allows me to take my deepest and unarticulated innermost feelings and transfer them artistically with the brush and my oils.  My paintings show that which I am unable to utter.

This painting is done completely in oils using Liquin (sparingly) as my medium of choice.  It flows.  I like that.  I enjoy painting this way.  It is both meditative and calming to my senses.  I hope you enjoy viewing it.  Stay tuned because there is more to come where this painting is concerned.

Sleep tight,

k  i  m  b  y


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