I got nominated for the “Versatile Blogger Award”!!!


I want to say a huge thank you to my fellow blogger extraordinaire, Jenn of “Jiltaroo”! She nominated me for this lovely award and I am thrilled. When you have a moment, take some time to peruse her amazingly inspiring and multifaceted blog at: http://www.Jiltaroo.wordpress.com. Talk about versatility, this woman has got it! She is both a writer and an artist and I promise you, her musings will keep you coming back for more…..which leads me to my next task….

I gratefully accept Jiltaroo’s nomination and in turn, I am paying it forward and nominating several other bloggers, whom I adore, for this award:

http://www.bryannchapeskie.wordpress.com (The Heart of Arts)

***Just a note, this was a really difficult task for me to do. I am easily overwhelmed because my brain is ALL OVER THE BOARD and I am inherently a random personality….AND I had to really consider what facts I wanted to make public since so much of ‘me’ really shouldn’t be let out of her proverbial cage, so to speak…so, here it goes…..oy-vey:

1. I love the silence of my city (San Francisco) deep into the night. This results in me taking long walks with my best friend, my Rat Terrier, Benny Hill. I am convinced that there are FOR SURE two certainly haunted houses in the vicinity of my flat….and my dog thinks so too!

2. I am a crazy multi-tasker. Case-in-point: I just started painting my nails while listening to Madonna’s Hard Candy album but then I hopped up and pulled out some stationary to write thank you notes for my recent birthday gifts and as I was in my office closet I noticed my vintage white mink coat and I thought, “I should Google uses for old mink coats” (perhaps I should have a tailor convert it into cool decorator pillows for my bed…or couch???) but as I was thinking of that I found that the coat smelled just like an old, vintage mink coat so I decided to Febreeze it which turned into Febreeze-ing all of my area rugs which made me start to dust mop my hard wood floors near one of my many bookshelves where I noticed two different books that I had to read the bibliographies to which led me to playing laser tag with two of my three animals…the three legged kitty opted out of this particular game. Oh no….have I said too much, overwhelmed you perhaps? Welcome to my world….now where was I?????

Oh yesss, number 3 random fact: I LOVE rap music and I know all the words to almost all old and new school raps….this includes obscure rappers who have yet to sign to a record label and ‘make-it’.

4. I love fly-fishing and I used to tie my own flies…..they never worked to catch any trout but they were soooo……pretty to look at.

5. I am obsessed with the sky….daytime sky, nighttime sky….it doesn’t matter, I am always looking up. I have seen some trippy, crazy, out of this world types of things….you should try looking up more….you might be blown away. Did I mention that I have a telescope that I use in my bedroom window? I can also see a peek-a-boo shot of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of California from my bedroom…it is amazing!

6. I can write with both my left and right hand….and paint this way too.

7. I used to be addicted to drinking, yes drinking, maple syrup. It is not something I am proud of; however, I am happy to say that I am clean now…..had a few slips…but for the most part clean for the last 3 years.

Ok, that about covers it! Thank you Jenn, so much, for the nomination…..and thanks go out to all of those beautiful blogs that keep me intrigued and interested.

Cheers from San Francisco on a cold and foggy October night….

k i m b y

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  1. Wow, you put me to shame with your seven facts. They are very well thought out! This is pretty spooky though and probably yet another reason we get along so well. Your multi-tasking sounds pretty much like mine…except I hardly ever finish anything properly. I have owned two rat terriers, and will definitely own another. I am also amdiextrous but will add that I can also weld left and right handed as well as shear a sheep with either. Thank God you’re not a Gemini…that would just be too much. Thank you for saying such wonderful things about me. Now I am off to have a look at some of your favorite blogs. I’m sure they will be wonderful! Jen xxx

    • Welding? Sheering sheep? You are more of a woman than I, that is for sure! That is really amazing Jenn. Where did you learn those two amazing skills? I think that is so rad! How hilarious that you and I have so much in common. Nobody has Rat Terriers….except you and I that is. He is the smartest dog/breed I have ever encountered. I speak to him like an adult and this dog I swear has a huge vocabulary. He is also scary intuitive. He and I are both 42 years old so we are both getting up there but if I outlive him, I too, will definitely get another Rat Terrier. They are truly amazing dogs. You and I have more in common but as soon as I get my ADD arse organized, I will send you an email. It is really fun getting to know you. It is strange I know but I feel like we are becoming friends. How cool is that? Let me know if I ever drive you crazy or exceed your boundaries….I don’t want to be a pest. Listen, every night from 10pm-2am West Coast US time, I listen to a live streaming of an a.m. radio show broadcast from either Los Angeles or St. Louis. I am quite frankly rather obsessed with it. I became a member so that I can access all of their shows, past and present, for only 6 American dollars per month. They have the MOST interesting, sometimes crazy, informative programs that I have ever encountered. They are a bit on the ‘fringe’ if you will..but so am I. You seem like you might be as well (I mean that in the most complimentary, respectful way of course). Check it out. Go to http://www.CoasttoCoastam.com. The host is George Noory and he is amazing. I think you just might be into it. Let me know. Ok, I am off to paint for a bit and listen to this show. Have a great evening and I look forward to chatting with you again soon:) xo Kimby

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