Australian Gum Tree for a Jiltaroo I know…


Good evening to all.  Welcome to November!  What a crazy few days it has been here in San Francisco, my life, the Middle East, and here at home in the United States.

My first order of business is to send my thoughts, prayers, and love to those affected by Hurricane Sandy on the east coast…3,000 miles away from me.  For those of you who don’t know, there was a massive super storm (a hurricane and a cold front collided over the Atlantic Ocean to create a ‘perfect storm’) on the east coast of the U.S. two days ago.  There was massive and extensive flooding, fires and  hurricane force winds.  This is the most populated area in the U.S. so literally millions and millions of people are currently without power (and it is very cold) and many peoples homes are either  submerged underwater or covered completely by sand.  New York City was shut down (many parts still are) including the entire subway system.  One preliminary estimation I heard tonight was that the financial impact from the damage will be in the neighborhood of 20-30 billion (BILLION!!!) dollars!  Unbelievable.  Such devastation and sadly the loss of many young & vibrant lives.  Please keep them in your prayers.  I know I will do the same.

I keep reminding myself how very blessed and grateful I am for my life…imperfect though it may be.  I am safe, warm, dry, and have a full stomach…not to mention all the comforts of shelter, hot water, electricity, etc.  So many others in the U.S. and all over the planet are struggling to extremes that my mind cannot begin to fathom nor wrap itself around.  Often, I feel the pain, sadness, and tears of the world.  I am an extremely sensitive individual and I wish I could do more to make this world a happier, safer place.  I cannot rid the world and its people of trauma nor loss; however, I can be kind to my neighbor.  I can help a blind person across a busy street.  I can make a meal for an elderly person who lives alone in my neighborhood.  I can be of service to my fellow man, friend or foe.  I can say thank you.  I can smile at a stranger.  I can paint and make art and share it with those who are interested.  I can be loving.  I can be grateful.  I can pray.  My small contribution to those in need will hopefully make a small difference to someone, somewhere.

Now onto something a little lighter.  I was reading a post from one of my favorite fellow bloggers the other day.  Check out her blog at:  This is one of my FAVORITE blogs.  Immediately upon reading her work, I was hooked.  Oh, and for those of you who are wondering what the heck a “jiltaroo” is…(I know I wondered) apparently it is a woman (a “jackaroo” is man, if I am not mistaken) whom performs a wide range of jobs and activities on a cattle or sheep station.  From what I understand, you have to be a very well-rounded individual to be successful at what MUST be a demanding, yet interesting, job.

I digressed….sorry……back to the purpose of this post.  Anyway, I was reading this story here:    the other day and the author was describing this beautiful camping excursion in Australia.  Jiltaroo is both engaging and magical.  She has a keen ability to virtually transport you into the visual realm that she once experienced through her writing.  I was reading the blog, on my phone, on the subway, while on my way to work when she mentioned Gum trees.  She also posted a picture of the landscape that was truly beautiful.  Sooo, long story LONG, it got me thinking about an idea for a blog post.

Last year, I did an oil painting  of an Australian Gum tree.  I actually copied a painting I found and fell in love with.  Many times, I get my inspiration from other accomplished painters.  Being a totally self taught artist, I HAVE to spend countless hours trying to mimic others techniques in order to grow and hone my own skills as an artist.  I fell in love with this tree and wanted to paint it….so paint it I did.  I think it turned out really well and I love the many colors I put into the trunk of the tree.  I have been struggling from somewhat of a creative block of late and was in the midst of wracking my brain to think of an interesting post and presto…GUM TREE!

It is oil on gessobord and its dimensions are 12 x 16 inches (height x width).  It is for sale (as is all of my art) and is currently unframed; however, its surface depth is very thin, 1/8 of an inch…therefore it will be easy to frame and perhaps matte.  If you are interested in purchasing it, or any of my art, you can send me an email via the ‘contact’ page on my website at OR email me at OR you can just leave me a comment here on my blog.

In closing, I promised Ms. Jiltaroo that I would post some pictures from my painting…in her honor:)  So here you go my new friend.  Thank you for enriching my life.  It is really fun and interesting getting to know you 🙂

Hope you ALL enjoy this piece.

Take care of one another….

k  i  m  b  y

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  1. Wow, those are such lovely things you have said and I feel incredibly flattered by your comments on my writing.
    It is devastating what this terrible storm has done in America and my heart also goes out to all of the families that it has affected.
    I need to mention that it is actually a Jillaroo who is the female counterpart to a Jackeroo. My blog is called “Jiltaroo” which reflects my Jillarooing years (which I haven’t got to in my writing yet) and also the fact that I have both jilted and been jilted in past relationships.
    Do you mind if I re-blog this so that my community of friends can see how beautifully you have captured the Australian Gum tree and surrounding landscape?
    Love Jen xxxxxxx

    • Omg, I am so sorry for the typing/spelling errors. Yes, absolutely feel free to re-blog it. I am so glad you like the painting. I have never been to your beautiful country but I hope to visit one day….then I will be able to see if I REALLY painted a realistic painting. I am hitting the sack. Have a great finish to your day. xo, kimby

      • No they weren’t typing errors at all. I have the most beautiful ghost gums near my house. I’ll send you some photos. These are the most elegant trees you can imagine.

      • I can’t wait to see them! 🙂 Thank you so much for re-blogging my post. I have gotten several followers because of you sharing it with your people. Thanks Jenn. You are a doll. Hope you are having a super day thus far. xo

  2. Reblogged this on Jiltaroo and commented:
    I avidly follow Fine Fairies Art and we are becoming good friends. The other day, after reading one of my posts, she told me that she was going to post a painting of some Gum Trees that she had done a while ago. She has captured them and the colors of the Australian landscape beautifully. All of her art is for sale and I am sure you will agree with me when I say that she is an incredibly talented artist.

    • Jiltaroo Sent me here via this reblog… Such amazing work (and I peeked over at your gallery too, a few other inspired by Australia??).

      oooh, you have some great photographs too… Okay, you owe Jiltaroo one, I’m following…

      • Thank you so very much! I am thrilled that you enjoyed my paintings and photography. I love Australia…even though I have never had the opportunity to visit….yet that is! And yes, you are correct…I totally owe Jiltaroo one. She is amazing and I have already thanked her for her support. If you have a moment, please check out my website. It has both my paintings and photography on it. Thanks again.
        k i m b y

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