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“Circus Circus”


Hello and thank you for stopping by my blog.  I have been a bit ‘out of sorts’ of late…..you know, feeling really down.  I decided to use a paintbrush and attempt to transport myself out of my own misery via painting.  What I created I titled:  “Circus Circus”….mostly because that is how I feel my life is most of the time and also because the colors that I painted reminded immediately of a colorful and animated circus.  I hope you enjoy it.  It was created using acrylic paint (which is a very new medium for me) and tiny glass beads suspended in a gel-like suspension.  It is quite textured with rather luminescent features.  It should look even better once it dries and I am able to frame it in a really beautiful frame and possibly matte.  

Have a wonderful night and rest of your week.


k  i  m  b  y