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“Fractured Nude”


Below is the gradual progression of a painting I started working on yesterday.  It is obviously a work-in-progress and there are miles to go; however, it is on its way.  I was at work on Friday when suddenly an image appeared in my mind.  I am hopeful that the end result will turn out the way my mind see’s it…more shall be revealed.  The photos that follow show what I have worked on thus far.  I still have no idea what I am going to do with the background or remaining white space.  Typically, I do an underpainting and/or the background of my oil paintings first.  This painting is a bit of an experiment.  It just might end up being a beautiful disaster…we shall see.

A friend asked me last night:  “What was the inspiration behind this painting?”  The answer is an intimate one for me, but here it goes:  It is about being violated and fractured and putting the pieces back together again.  In the end, it is ultimately about maintaining that which is sacred and defining of the inherent sexuality and sweetness that all women possess.  

Stay posted for more photos as the progression continues.

Happy Saturday night to all…..

k  i  m  b  y