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“Swallowed Me Whole Then Spit Me Out”


Below are some photos of a one of my latest pieces.  The title accurately explains my current feelings regarding a painful subject and period I am currently muddling through. I feel like my dreams, as well as a huge part of who I THOUGHT I was, have been shattered into tiny particles that were once part of a whole.  “Whole”  may look different to each of us but it doesn’t make it any less “whole”…thus my inspiration for this piece.

I was inspired by a song I heard and it made me think of how I am left feeling:  with a very bad taste in my mouth.  You know how it feels to put your tongue on a battery….or perhaps how it feels to bite into a crumpled ball of aluminum foil….you know, that nasty, assaultive, metallic taste?  Well, that is how I feel right now….how I have been feeling for the last several weeks.

I used Liquitex acrylic paint and I worked in Golden Gel Medium/Clear Granular Gel in order to create the texture that you see.  I did this with a palette knife and a Filbert brush; however, most of the painting was done with my fingers working through the paint and the medium to create the pattern that you see.

I am an oil painter, historically speaking.  In other words:  I have strictly used oils for years; but, I recently decided to move out of my comfort zone and try my hand at acrylics.  I initially found them awful to work with….but I stuck with them and I have been pleasantly surprised!  They are a fun and versatile medium that allows you the ability to alter their properties quite easily.  I am still learning.  This little painting is being added to an installation I am currently working on of small acrylic paintings on paper.  I sold one three days ago and another one two days ago so apparently, some people find them interesting and/or beautiful.  I hope you do as well.

Have a wonderful week and a peaceful Sunday night.  I shall try to do the same….challenging though it may be.

With warmth from San Francisco,

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