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“Fall River”


I just wanted to share the painting that I have been working on for the last few days.  I finally finished it very early this morning.  It is entitled “Fall River”.  It is reminiscent of my childhood days growing up in Indianapolis, Indiana.  My father built a log cabin on the White River.  This painting loosely resembles this Indiana river….and so many other midwestern tributaries….except for the blue color.  The rivers and creeks of my childhood were muddy in color, not sky blue.  I remember dreaming and wishing the waters in Indiana could be a translucent blue, like Tahitian waters.  Ahhhh, a girl can dream, correct?  I was born in October…perhaps that is one reason why the fall season is my absolute favorite?  I deeply miss the transition of the vegetation in the midwest.  The vibrancy of the leaves and bushes is unparalleled.  We do not get this particular blessing here in San Francisco…or at least not at the extreme that one experiences in the midwest.  This painting was particularly challenging for me, throughout the entire process.  Even though it was difficult for me to paint, the end result is pleasing to me…and I am always up for a challenge.  I hope it is pleasing to you as well….even IF it is a little early for fall leaves….

Have a wonderful Tuesday,

k  i  m  b  y