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My new abstract acrylic art project…




I am an oil painter and have been for years; however, I recently decided to try my hand at working with acrylics.  It was definitely a sharp change from oils, with an equally sharp learning curve, and a change that I was not initially embracing.  But…….after I stayed with the acrylics for a bit, I have come to start loving them.  I had a dream one night and it was all about adding texture to paint.  The day after the dream, I went to an amazing art store in San Francisco and purchased some glass beads and sand and went home to experiment.  Below, I am sharing the result of this experiment.  I painted on heavyweight, 300 series, watercolor paper.  I happened to have several beautiful frames laying around and I cut the paper to fit the frames and began to paint.  I hope you enjoy what I have discovered as much as I enjoyed experimenting with these mediums.  

Have a wonderful and productive week.

With love from San Francisco,

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